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1. Item: Transparent Computer Case
2. Chassis structure: Micro-ATX structure
3. Applicable motherboard: Micro-ATX, mini-ITX
4. Power support: ATX
5. CPU heat sink height limit: less than 160mm
6. Graphics card length: less than 300mm
7. Hard disk support: 3.5 inch HDD*1 and 2.5 inch SDD*1
8. Slot: PICE*4
9. Front interface: USB3.0*1, USB2.0*2, HD headphone jack*1, microphone interface*1
10. Iron plate thickness: 0.5mm
11. Size: 376*186*346mm
12. Material: steel plate + glass
13. Air-cooled/water-cooled cooling system: front support 120mm*2 fan
14. Back support 120mm*1 fan, top support 120mm* 1 fan 
1. Tempered glass panel, acrylic full side with USB3.0, top with magnetic cooling net.
2.The chassis does not support large boards. Only M-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards can be installed. The chassis does not have its own fan.
3. The front and side panels are transparent and the main engine inside can be seen.
4. Stepped cooling, the hot air naturally spreads out, no longer stays inside the computer case, playing games/surfing/watching movies to watch the series without stress.
5. The chassic compatible (less than 300 mm) high performance video card .
6. Supports Micro-ATX , mini-ITX series motherboards .
7. Support mainstream (160 mm below) air cooling heat dissipation. 
8. The hard disk supports 3.5 inch HDD*1 and 2.5 inch SSD*1. 
9. Supports full range of ATX power supplies.
10. Note: Case Only, fans are not included.
Package Included:
1 * Transparent Micro ATX Case

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