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Manufacturer offers two-year warranty which is under normal use, NOT taking charge of man-made damage and mining using.
This product doesn't contain a driver cd, please download it in .

If you modify BIOS for mining, it may cause the driver to be unable to use it.


1. Brand: Yeston
2. Model: GTX1050-4G-D5
3. Core: GP107-400
4. Framework: Pascal
5. Stream Processor: 768 Units 
6. Base/Boost Core Clock: 1291MHz / 1392MHz
7. Video Memory: 4GB/GDDR5/128Bit
8. Video Memory Frequency: 7008MHz
9. Output: DP1.4 + HDMI2.0b + DVI
10. TDP: 75W
11. Power port: 6Pin
12. Recommended PSU: 300W
13. Digital Maximum Resolution: 7680*4320
14. Dimension: 215 * 110 * 39mm


1. Based on NVIDIA Pascal, and with 768 stream processors, provides smooth and steady experience.
2. 9cm silent cooling fan, provides strong wind power and low noise.
3. Provides DVI, HDMI, DP  output port.

Package Included:

1 * Yeston GTX1050Ti 4G D5 Gaming Graphics Card

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